Types of Ear Piercing

As the curated ear trend grows, so does the imagination and creativity of piercing artists around the world. Gone are the days of just having ear lobes pierced. There are now many types of cartilage ear piercings available.

The result? A uniquely curated ear with multiple types of piercing and an array of stunning piercing jewellery. Choose for a range of studs, hoops and bars to suit different piercing types. Mix and match to suit your style and personalize your look.

A Guide to Different Piercing Locations On The Ear

Here’s the options you can choose from:

  • Helix – a standard helix piercing is a cartilage piercing in your upper outer ear, inside the ridge. Most people are able to have multiple helix piercings in the same ear.

  • Forward Helix – a forward helix cartilage piercing sits in your upper ear curve, close to where it meets your face. Most people are able to have multiple forward helix piercings in the same ear.

  • Snug – a snug piercing (also known as an anti-helix piercing or anti-helical fold) is a horizontal inner cartilage piercing near the center of the ear, adjacent to the ear canal. Snug piercings are growing in popularity but are not suitable for everyone.

  • Rook – a rook piercing is a horizontal cartilage piercing on your upper inner ear in the anti-helix, above the daith and ear canal.

  • Daith – a daith piercing is positioned immediately above your ear canal in the smallest fold of cartilage where the outer ridge connects to your inner ear. A hoop looks great in a daith piercing.

  • Inner Conch – an inner conch piercing is a cartilage piercing in the upper middle part of your ear. A small stud sits neatly in the cupped area of your ear just below the rook

  • Outer Conch – an outer conch cartilage piercing sits midway up the ear in the cupped area outside of your ear canal, below the inner conch. Many people with this piercing choose to wear a hoop which ‘hugs’ the outer ear.

  • Tragus – a tragus cartilage piercing sits immediately in front of the ear canal close to your cheek. This is one of the most popular piercing types and is a popular choice among celebrities!

  • Anti-Tragus – an anti-tragus piercing is a cartilage piercing on the opposite side of the tragus, on the ridge immediately above your earlobe. Not everyone is able to have an anti-tragus piercing.

  • Lobe – the most popular location for ear piercings, the lobe area is wide enough to hold several piercings. Most kinds of earrings can be worn here after the piercing has healed. There is no cartilage in the ear lobe, making this style of piercing notably less painful than others listed.
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