E-Gift Cards

An e-Gift Card is the perfect gift idea for someone special when you're not sure what to buy.

Ideal for special occasions such as birthday, mother's day or valentines day, it's also a great way to say thank you or simply show someone you care. Any fashion & jewellery lover will love an e-Gift Card to spend on their favourite pieces!


E-Gift Card FAQs


Who’s email address should I enter at checkout if I’m buying for someone else?

We recommend entering the email address of recipient so the e-Gift Card is sent straight to them. Please ensure you enter your own name for the Billing Name as we'll use this to tell them who it's from. 

However, please note that unfortunately, we are unable to send separate emails to both the customer and gift recipient. 

If you wish to receive the email as order confirmation, please enter your own email address. You can then simply forward the email to the recipient. 

Does the recipient receive a physical card?

No. We’ll simply send an email which includes a code to be entered online at checkout. So there’s no delays, no processing fees and no unnecessary plastic!

Can an e-Gift Card be use in store?

Unfortunately not at this time, our e-Gift Cards can only be used for purchases on our website.

Customers cannot use an e-Gift Card balance to book a piercing appointment.

We are looking to improve this in the future and offer e-Gift Cards for piercing appointments.

Can an e-Gift Card be used more than once?

Yes! There’s no need to spend the balance all at once. The code can be used as many times as you like for as long as a balance remains on the card.

Once the balance has been spent, the code will no longer work.

Can an e-Gift Card be used towards shipping costs?

Yes! An e-Gift Card should be considered in the same way as cash and can be the whole order amount including sipping costs.

If there is insufficient balance to cover the total order amount, you will be asked for payment details at checkout to cover the remaining total after the gift card balance has been deducted.

Can I use an e-Gift code in conjunction with a discount code?

Yes, your e-Gift code is a form of payment. Simply enter your discount code, then enter your e-Gift code at checkout.

Can I use a discount code to purchase an e-Gift Card?

No. Discount codes are not valid on e-Gift Card purchases.

Can I use my e-Gift Card balance to purchase another e-Gift Card?

No, afraid not.

Can e-Gift Cards be reloaded?

No, unfortunately not. But you can use more than one e-Gift code towards a purchase. So we’d recommend just purchasing an additional e-Gift Card.

How do I check my e-Gift card balance?

Please click on the link in your e-Gift Card email to check the remaining balance on your card. Alternatively, contact care@liarsandlovers.com

Do Liars & Lovers e-Gift Cards expire?

Yes, all e-Gift Cards are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

Any remaining balance on an e-Gift Card past the expiry date will not be refunded and no replacement e-Gift Card will be given.

Can an e-Gift Card be refunded for exchanged for cash?

No. E-Gift Cards are non-refundable. In addition, no part of an e-Gift Card balance, however small, can be exchanged for cash.


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