Luxury Ear Piercing in London Soho

Wondering where to get your ears pierced in London? The Liars & Lovers ear piercing studio in London’s Carnaby Street offers a luxury ear piercing experience unlike any other.

A female model wearing ear piercing jewellery in her left ear lobe - the lower stud is a gold six point star, the stud above is a small crystal stud.

Your Luxury London Ear Piercing Experience

Liars & Lovers jewellery boutique nestles in London’s Carnaby Street, Soho: the heart of London’s West End.  

Beyond the beautiful range of jewellery and fashion accessories, a staircase leads you to the luxury ear piercing studio hidden below.  

Our London Ear Piercing Studio

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the London streets, your VIP piercing experience has now begun…

Liars & Lovers luxury London ear piercing studio waiting area with ear piercing jewellery displayed on a table in the centre

With its dusky pink and grey textured walls and plush leather seating area, the London ear piercing studio in Carnaby Street offers a calming and comfortable environment.

With your piercing artist on hand to greet you, any pre-piercing nerves will diminish during your initial consultation.  You will have the opportunity to discuss where you would like your ear piercing and ask any questions you may have.

Choosing Your Ear Piercing Style

The extensive Liars & Lovers ear piercing range includes standard lobe piercings and piercings for other parts of the ear.

A right ear with white circles which highlight each position that the ear can be pierced at the London piercing studio


  • Forward Helix
  • Helix
  • Rook
  • Lobe
  • Daith
  • Tragus
  • Anti-Tragus
  • Inner Conch
  • Outer Conch
  • Snug

Not sure what you want? No problem! Your piercing artist will discuss your desired look, and provide personal recommendations on where to pierce and on which piercing jewellery best suits your style.

Choosing Your Piercing Jewellery

The Liars & Lovers piercing jewellery range features a number of gorgeous, delicate designs which are ideal for curated ear stacking. The London piercing studio also stocks the premium collection.

A selection of gold and silver piercing jewellery available at Liars & Lovers' London ear piercing studio, including sparkly studs with crystal embellishment

You just need to pick the stud or hoop that you would like to be pierced with, choosing from our exclusive range of fully compliant 9K gold, 14k gold or titanium threaded piercing jewellery. The pieces you choose will need to be worn in your new piercing for around six weeks while it heals.

You can also take this opportunity to choose from our wider range of ear piercing studs and hoops, ready to wear once your new piercing has healed. A chance to get even more creative with your stacking looks!

Want an idea of what you could get? Browse the Liars & Lovers Piercing Jewellery collection online today.

Time For Your Piercing

Once you have selected your style and your jewellery, it’s time to start. You will complete a consent form before being taken through to one of the two private, sterile piercing rooms.

Don’t be nervous, there’s plenty of space in our London ear piercing studio for a friend or family member to come in with you to hold your hand!

Liars & Lovers' London ear piercing studio waiting area with piercing jewellery displayed in the centre and doors lead to the piercing rooms.

All piercing jewellery in the London studio is pre-sterilized so there’s no waiting around. Simply make yourself comfortable on the plush pink leather chair and your fully trained piercing artist will begin.

After The Piercing

Once you’ve been pierced, your piercing artist will give you aftercare advice and answer any final questions you have. Then it’s time to head back out onto London Carnaby Street and impress with your beautiful new ear piercing!

Whatever your plans for the rest of the day, don’t forget to share photos and videos of your London ear piercing experience with us on Instagram: @_liarsandlovers_ #earstackingcollective #liarsandlovers

Book Your Piercing Appointment Online Today

Book your ear piercing appointment online today at Carnaby Street in London or Meadowhall in Sheffield.

**Due to Coronovirus, our stores are closed until further notice. Please follow us on Instagram @_liarsandlovers_ for updates. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope to see you soon.**

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