• Let your newly pierced ear breathe - try not to cover it.
  • Always wash your hands and make sure they’re dry before you touch your newly pierced ear.
  • We recommend bathing your ears in saline solution up to three times a day, other than that, try to keep them dry.
  • Avoid turning your earrings round and round in case you catch your hair in it; this can lead to infection.
  • Keep an eye out for hairs on the back of the butterfly and post and remove them immediately.
  • Keep any perfume, hair gel, aftershave and cosmetics well away from your newly pierced ear.
  • Remember, it’ll take at least six weeks for your earlobe to heal & longer for Cartilage piercings
  • After the piercing has healed you can wear any post or hoop earrings. You’ll need to wear post earrings for five to six months to make sure the hole doesn’t close or shrink
  • Remember, it’s your responsibility to look after your piercing, if you follow the above advice, you’ll heal safely and properly.
  • If you think your ear is getting infected, get in contact with your doctor. Signs of infection are:
    • Redness and swelling.
    • Sensation of heat at the site.
    • Pain, usually throbbing or spreading pain.
    • Unusual discharge (yellow, green or grey pus).
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